TASK Transcription Services, Inc. Announces Exciting Website Redesign

TASK Transcription Services, Inc. provides high-quality voice productivity solutions, focusing on human transcription and advanced dictation technologies, which frees you to focus on managing your business, meeting the needs of your customers and improving your bottom line.

TASK is excited to present our new website which offers extensive information to guests including our service offerings and our history as well as direct access to core services for clients such as TASK Tracker and TASK Support.

Visitors to our website will find extensive information on who we are, where we have come from and where we are headed as a company. Since 1988, TASK has focused on providing high-quality transcription services across a variety of specialties including medical, legal, government, financial industries and many other industries. Through our high-quality voice productivity solutions detailed in each Services and Products tab, you can see how our services and products can support you and your staff to achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.

In the News section, we will keep our clients and guests up to date on our activities within your industries, such as conferences, conventions and philanthropic events; as well as linking pertinent articles from trusted industry publications. These articles will also be linked in our regular e-mail newsletters. To receive these helpful newsletters, simply go to the Contact page and send us a quick e-mail with your contact info to add you to our newsletter distribution.

Clients will be able to access our TASK Tracker system from any page within our website, simply by clicking on the TASK Tracker button in the top right corner of our webpage in the bar located above our company logo. Clients can also receive remote support by going to the Contact page and pressing the Remote Support button or by contacting us at the contact information listed on this page as well as in the top bar above our company logo.

We hope you spend some time looking through our website and getting to know who we are at TASK. When you are finished browsing the website, give us a call. We would be happy to share our passion for high quality voice productivity solutions with you.

Josh Telle
Director of Sales & Marketing

TASK Transcription Services, Inc. provides high-quality transcription services and advanced dictation products to professionals in the medical, legal, government, financial industries and many other industries. Founded in 1988, TASK continues to be committed to keeping all of its operations and transcriptionists within the USA. Minority-owned and operated, TASK is a proud family company with two generations working in all facets of the company.