What does service mean to us?

Service is an attitude and commitment combined with the right capabilities. TASK knows that if we don’t deliver what you need, when you need it and how you need it, you will find someone else. For 25 years, we have delivered. We are in our offices long before, and well after, most of our clients. We answer the phones on weekends. We staff inside the USA a capable, full-time Help Desk with knowledgeable, factory trained and certified people who know our clients and are eager to help them. When our clients are facing sudden deadlines, we take care of it.

Our clients include:

Law Firms
Medical Practices
Insurance Companies
Financial Services Providers
County, State and Federal Agencies

How can we help you?

TASK’s main service is transcription, with an emphasis on legal and medical transcription. Some jobs must be done in-house – we believe transcription is not one of them.

Let’s talk staffing. As you know, understaffing jeopardizes turnaround time on your documents. To avoid this, some firms overstaff. This ensures timeliness, but it is very expensive. The cost-effective solution is to use us to take the transcription load off your secretaries so they are free to complete other, high value duties. Your documents are delivered promptly and the important functions only your secretaries can complete are accomplished sooner. Your clients will be satisfied and will rely on your firm for additional work.

When you choose TASK, we become an integral part of your team. Your “Quality Team” of transcriptionists types all your dictation. Your ”Quality Team Leader” proofs the resulting documents before they are submitted to your office. Over 99% of these documents are submitted on the next business day – or sooner. You interact directly with your dedicated “Quality Team Leader” regarding the details of templates, style, and accuracy. Our support staff works with your IT staff. You get a full team without the costly overhead. We can help you improve operational efficiencies and your bottom line.

We also consult, supply, train, and support you with the best available dictation and transcription equipment and software available. We ask questions about your needs and listen to your answers. We suggest options and implement what you select. We train the users in the new system so that they are confident using them. We support our clients as long as they have our products.

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