TASK approaches quality control differently than most transcription companies. Each client has a dedicated Quality Control Team assigned to their office. This Quality Control Team consists of a handful of typists and one Quality Team Leader (QTL). The QTL proofreads every single document before it is delivered to the client.

When a client sends in work, each file will be handled by the same Quality Team members. These Quality Team members hear each author’s voice for hours and hours, learning every nuance, which in turn reduces the potential for errors.


We have TASK representatives available when you need us that are just a phone call or e-mail away. When you need more of a personal touch, we can plug directly into your computer and talk with you over webcam. This allows us to troubleshoot an issue directly on your computer while still giving you full control.

We provide in depth, hands on training for all of our products and services for you and your support staff. Whether it be digital dictation equipment or voice recognition software from Nuance, we want you and your staff to feel comfortable and confident knowing you are getting the most out of your equipment. This allows you and your staff to spend more time focusing on projects that matter most to your business and your customers.

All of our support staff are located here in the USA.


Your business is driven by technology, so is ours. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve to bring you the latest technology to support your business. From modern digital dictation devices from Philips and Olympus to advanced voice productivity software from Nuance. These products and services allow you to do your job easier and faster.

TASK doesn’t just use advanced technology from other companies, we’ve developed our own workflow product that allows you and your staff to easily upload content and have finished documents delivered to you efficiently and timely.

TASK Tracker allows you and your staff to monitor the workflow process all online from your computer or smartphone. You can even look through old jobs and invoices as everything is stored in the cloud, easily accessible by anyone in your office. You and your staff will be able to track a job from it being uploaded, to it being typed, to the proofread stage, finally delivered back to you.