TASK Transcription & Voice Solutions

TASK Transcription and Voice Solutions provides high quality transcription and advanced dictation products to professionals in the medical, legal, government, financial industries and many other industries. Founded in 1988, TASK continues to be committed to keeping all of its operations and transcriptionists within the USA. Minority owned and operated, TASK is a proud family company with two generations working in all facets of the company.

We believe that our role is to be the assistant to you and your staff that is always available yet never in your way. Our clients rely on our breadth of expertise and our superior level of quality among our family of voice productivity solutions, including human transcription and advance dictation technologies from Nuance, Philips and Olympus. Using TASK for your voice productivity needs frees you to focus on managing your business, meeting the needs of your customers and improving your bottom line.


TASK started in 1988 with just one typist and one client, with a commitment to a higher standard of quality than was accepted in the industry. While we have grown since then with typists and clients all over the country, we are still recognized by our clients and by the industry for our high standard of quality and quick turnaround.


    • Our three-office law firm started outsourcing our word processing in 2003 in response to a progressively changing and more competitive business environment. We were skeptical at first, but we chose TASK. We couldn’t be happier. The turnaround time is much faster than our own staff could accomplish. As a result, we improved our service to our clients and reduced our labor costs in order to remain competitive. I would highly recommend TASK.

      Jeffrey E. D’Andre – D’Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Bruscino
    • For the last several years, TASK has been our sole provider for all outside transcription services. Prior to TASK, our firm had employed an offshore transcription service, which could not be relied upon for accurate, high quality transcription. By contrast, TASK has never disappointed us. Furthermore, TASK allowed us to raise our attorney to secretary ratio from 2:1 to almost 3:1 firm-wide, which saves a tremendous amount in secretarial salaries, benefits, etc., increasing profitability for the firm. We recommend TASK highly.

      Angela Langella – New York
    • I started my own firm with a large caseload, and no staff. I have used the services of TASK and would highly recommend their service to anyone. I don’t have to worry about work not being done, staff not showing up, or training a new secretary every few months. It’s everything I’ve asked for and needed.

      Ronald R. Neach
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